Become a pioneer of Industry 4.0

Enroll in SCorp-io's Early Adopter program and become one of the pioneers in the next generation of SCADA.

Think fast - the number of available seats is limited!

Discover the Early Adopter program

Gain access to SCorp-io before its official release. A unique opportunity to become part of Industry 4.0.

Graphique représentant la prestation sur mesure de SCorp-io dans le cadre du programme Early Adopter

Enjoy a custom-tailored free experience

Installation, configuration and use of our solution on your premises is completely free during the program.

Graphique représentant le partenariat VIP avec l'éditeur des premiers utilisateurs de la solution SCorp-io

Build a VIP partnership with SCorp-io

In order to ensure program quality, the number of seats is limited. Becoming an early adopter makes you our VIP partner.

Graphique représentant l'accès en avant première aux fonctionnalités des utilisateurs du programme Early Adopter de SCorp-io

Get early access to our new releases

Upon program completion, you will be granted early access to all future SCorp-io features before offical release.

Graphique représentant le rôle important des premiers utilisateurs dans les choix de développement de la solution SCorp-io

Get involved in product development

Selected partners have central role in the decision process regarding our roadmap and next releases.

A comprehensive look at the Early Adopter program

Discover the different steps of our program.

Program duration: 3 months

Registration form

Here's the link.

2 minutes

First contact with SCorp-io team

We start with a call or email exchange to evaluate the project's feasibility with you.

15 minutes

Detailed presentation and demo

If possible, we show up to your offices, otherwise we can schedule a video conference.

1 hour

Drawing the project outline

We collectively go through the elements of the Early Adopter program and we reach an agreement.

30 minutes

On-site installation & configuration

We perform on-site installation of our software (or hardware if needed) as well as train a member of your team.

1 day

Weekly follow-up

Every week, we reach out to you and gather feedback on our solution.

30 minutes a week

Registration form

More details about the Early Adopter program

Frequently Asked Questions about the program

Why join SCorp-io's Early Adopter program?

- You gain early access to our SCADA solution before its official release,
- You can take an active role in the development of new functionalities by sharing your feedback,
- You benefit from a individual assistance and customer care.

What can be expected of me if I join the program?

- Your feedback:
We want your opinion on our product, we will therefore ask for your thoughts and comments throughout the program

- Your understanding:
You will be among the first users to test our solution... and to face its growing pains! Please bear with us as we iron everything out and make our product better.

- Your confidentiality:
We require our partners to retstrain from sharing your crendentials and information about our solution for the duration of the program

Who can apply to the Early Adopter program?

- You are a systems integrator and would like to try our solution on a pilot site,
- You manage and operate a plant or any other kind of industrial site or machinery and you are interested in trying something new.

More generally, you are part of a company which job involves industrial equipements and processes that need real-time monitoring and control?

How to apply to the program?

Simply fill in the form and we'll get back to you shortly.

How long is the program?

The program lasts between 3 to 6 months.

What are the technical requirements needed to try out and use SCorp-io?

Your on-site infrastructure should comprise at least one PLC. Feel free to contact us if you have specific questions.

Is SCorp-io GDPR compliant?

Personal data that may be collected by SCorp-io during the Early Adopter program will be stored safely and provided to you, rectified or deteled at your request. None of the data will be use for commercial purpose in accordance to GDPR laws.

I'm not interested in the Early Adopter program but would still like a demo

No problem! You can contact us here to book a demo with our team. Please note that you can also subscribre to our newsletter to get informed as soon as we officialy launch.