Join the next generation of SCADA

Introducing the first no-code industrial control platform.

SCorp-io is a revolutionary SCADA-as-a-service solution allowing forward-thinking companies to monitor and operate industrial sites and equipment from any device. Anytime, anywhere.

SCorp-io SCADA grows with you and adapts to the needs of your business

Discover an unparalleled SCADA experience for both users and developers.
SCorp-io allows you to accelerate integration processes and reduce software ownership costs.

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Monitor your assets anywhere, anytime

Does your team require remote access to your control system? Working from home or on the go: our software is always at hand and adapts to any screen size!

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Take back control of your maintenance lifecycle

Are hardware and software lifecycle causing you headaches? Scorp-io combines the advantages of SaaS and Cloud to cut down on infrastructure and maintenance costs.

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Monitor all sites through a unified control hub

Are you managing a complex architecture and/or geographically distributed sites? SCorp-io allows you to monitor all of your systems from a single application.

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Evolve and scale your system effortlessly

Is your SCADA struggling to catch up with changes in your infrastructure? With SCorp-io, you can easily design and deploy new versions of your control system.

How does SCorp-io work?

Quickly and easily set up the link between your edge infrastructure and SCorp-io SCADA thanks to our hybrid cloud solution.

Link all your equipments up with the Connect module

Create and customize your HMI with the Design module

Access your HMIs anywhere with the Operate module


SCorp-io offers flexible cutting-edge technology allowing clients from any industry to design personnalized assets and build their own custom SCADA.

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Buildings & Facilities

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Do you operate within one of these sectors?
Are you willing to accelerate your digital transformation?
Discover Industry 4.0 with SCorp-io's Early Adopter program!

Our team

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We offer the latest technology to offer the best value out of your business and its data

Q1 - Q2 2022

Early Adopter Program

Program launch.

Selection & Demos

Selection of early adopter partners and demo phase of our solution.

Installation & Configuration

Installation and configuration of our solution on our partners' systems.

Feedback & Iterations

Development and improvements of our solution based on feedback from our partners.

Q3 - Q4 2022


Launch of the first version of our market-ready solution.

Predictive AI module

Development of the predictive maintenance AI feature - accessible through our Design module.

Q1 - Q2 2023

BIM module

Development of the BIM module allowing monitoring and operating data on a 3D digital model.

Reporting module

Development of the automated reporting module.

On-call management

Development of the on-call management calendar module.

Cartographic module

Development of the cartographic module allowing geographical visualization of real-time data.

Q3 - Q4 2023

OEE module

Development of the machine performance module.

Workflow module

Development of the operational flow module.